Research into secure/ trusted computing bases.
(* Not linked in yet)

Video mapping for GIS research.

Medical/CT image processing system.



Clusters and network research including
pics of some clusters i set up. (6/56/
66/140/192 CPU E420/E4500/
O2000/x86 and Alpha clusters)
(* Not linked in yet)

Misc algorithms for everything from e-commerce
website integration to GIS and medical imaging. (* Not linked in yet)

Minimal test port of MultiSlice RTP as a
java applet for distributed computing research
(* Not linked in yet)



Design of some systems I implemented or i'm
planning to implement (Mostly UML).
I might be commercialising some of these
designs so im not putting em up yet.
(* Not uploaded yet)

You can email me here. I know..i should be
linking this to my interactive forum servlets
system but i dont have a spare server or time to do it.

My CV in case you want to
hire me or something
(* Not linked in yet)

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Note that i cannot upload ALL the software and documents/papers/articles i've written because of space constraints -- i've got 8 or so gigs of the stuff so
im only putting bits of it up gradually. Some of it may also disappear as i clean stuff out and toss old code and/or migrate it.

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