MultiSlice RTP Environment

> MultiSlice RTP Source Code

MultiSlice RTP source code is divided into several files :-

.c files - source code in c
.h files - header files for the code
. files - makefiles etc. for compiling.
In addition, there are several example files including 3D applications in MultiSlice, extensions to the
environment, etc.

Compiled files consist of :-

slice (approx. 500K)        - The main executable.
backup                             -  A small script for backup
rackup                              -  A small script to restore the backup.
qpr                                    -  A small script to do a rcp and print a postscript file on another workstation's printer.
wwwhelpmoi                    - A small script to load the help system & browser.

In addition, several dozen small programs which are used to demonstrate various utilities, functions etc. are included.

Compiled for :-
SGI Indy (MIPS R4400 - 132MHz) running Irix ver.5.3/6.2, with Motif ver.1.2.4 rev 1002.

Program has also been tested under Hummingbird's X-Windows emulators, DEC Alpha processor (250MHz, native compiled).

MultiSlice is distributed as two packages - one containing the bulk of the program, the second containing various  help files and utilities. The first package is all that is necessary to compile the program and run it. The second gives  general help and includes most of the HTML versions of these documents as well as final project reports.

Download the first .tar.gz packed file (*)
Download the second .tar.gz packed file (*)
Download the executable version of MultiSlice
Download a sample STUDY file
Download CDX1 extensions to the CDROM
Download CDX2 extensions to the CDROM
Download the (.RAW) CT images associated with the STUDY:-
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 9
Image 10
Download the simple qpr script required for printing in MultiSlice
Download the simple help script for web-based help
Note that files marked with an (*) will be put up at the end of the current academic cycle (Aug-1998) when the project has been "cleaned-up" sufficiently and the source code is readable and commented properly. All other files are put up as soon as they are completed - even if they are under development. Hence, these files often change, from a daily to a weekly basis. The program versions often change and the "look-and-feel" may be altered slightly from time to time. Check regularly for updates. No changes will be effected after August 1998, when the versions put up will be the final versions only.

Note that the above links are from the old server site which has now been discarded due to lack of access to the machine concerned and also lack of regular maintainence by the server's administrator. Security concerns on the old server have not been resolved and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Hence you are now given an alternate site from which to download the above files (single .zipped file).