MultiSlice RTP Environment

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MultiSlice Project Specification: Specifications of the project. 
MultiSlice Programmer Documentation: Programmer Documentation/Extensions. 
MultiSlice User Help Files: User Help files/Program Help files. 
MultiSlice Report: The MultiSlice Report. (Downloadable electronic version.) 
MultiSlice RTP Source Code: Source Code for C with X11R6/MOTIF under Irix 5.3+. 
Old Slice Environment: A few snapshots of the old environment. 
Security & Encryption: Support the EFF ? Ascii-Armoured public keys (RSA/DSS) available. 
MultiSlice Updates: The latest updates on the MultiSlice project environment. 
NEW!! MultiSlice now supports Linux with lesstif & gcc !! View the screenshot.
A sample of images showing the MultiSlice Desktop processing the 3D image growing algorithm.
The color bar in the background is the CPU usage, blue indicating the usage. The 30% usage
shows the efficiency of the multitasker built into this program. Note the file selector in
the background showing the files selected.

A selection of miscellaneous processing - the watershed (with the built-in filter), the 
multi-image differencing and the erode/dilate with different values for the iterations.

The multi-image 3D region growing algorithm applied after a user-selectable point on the first 
image selected has been clicked upon.